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Here are a few tips and recommendations from Apex Marble.  The number one question most of our clients ask is "How do I take care of it?"

Taking care of natural stone is very easy if you follow a few tips from Apex Marble. Over the years many sealant and polish products, claiming to be the best, have flooded the market. 

Apex Marble applies a Miracle 511 Seal & Enhance to the stone after the initial installation. This sealer saturates the tiny pores of the stone to prevent staining. Most home improvement stores carry stone sealants, but we believe Miracle 511 is a superior product.

After a sealant is applied, water will bead on top of the stone. This means the stone is fully sealed. Most manufacturers of sealants recommend a once a year application. The resealing process it is easy to do. Simply wipe a generous portion of the liquid over the surface to be sealed and take a dry rag to wipe off the excess right away. It is that easy! This sealant can be found at most large Home Improvement stores.

Maintaining your stone is very easy. Apex Marble recommends Stone Care International products.

The Clean, Shine & Protect is a spray on solution you spray on the counters and dry off with a micro fiber cloth.

This product can be found at most large Home Improvement stores.

Let us hear from you if this has been a help in caring for your stone surfaces.